Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Proposal : Bune, Great Duke of Hell (Daemon Research)

Bune, Great Duke of Hell
Summon Cost: 10 souls

As a Daily Action, Bune can permanently unsummon another Corporation’s
Daemon. To do that, the Bune employer has to pay in souls 2 times the
target Daemon Summoning Cost.

The target Corporation also loses the Naming Rights to the unsummoned
Deamon. Public Knowledge Daemons and Bune CANNOT be the target of Bune.


Denis Brandao:

07-04-2007 14:52:37 UTC

I know that is expensive, but this has the potential to make other powerful Daemons useless.


07-04-2007 15:29:16 UTC

against Lucifer performs a similar function, but better and cheaper.

Nevertheless, $0M.


07-04-2007 15:30:30 UTC

This isn’t a proposal, and can’t be edited to become one now.  Repost in the Proposal category.

Denis Brandao:

07-04-2007 16:15:22 UTC

against kill to repost as a proposal.

Newbie in action…


07-04-2007 16:44:49 UTC

You didn’t need to kill it, either, since it is not a proposal…

Denis Brandao:

07-04-2007 16:48:41 UTC


I feel like Homer Simpson.