Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Proposal Cap

Is it just an antispam measure? Or does it have another purpose?



09-30-2009 23:50:03 UTC

Encourages people to be circumspect and write well-written Proposals.

Ienpw III:

10-01-2009 02:19:03 UTC

Methinks it should be 3, not 2.


10-01-2009 12:45:53 UTC

This has been discussed before, and the consensus has generally been that it ain’t broke.  Most people only fill two slots around the beginning of a dynasty anyway.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-01-2009 12:52:56 UTC

The limit’s also good for encouraging the quieter players to get involved and propose something, if the dominant players can’t cover everything.


10-01-2009 14:11:02 UTC

The issue really is that when the dynasty’s getting close slumping, as of now, it limits the players who are still fully active in trying to make it more interesting again. The beginning of the dynasty has more proposals, but it’s times like now when the slots are more necessary.

Time to work on another couple of proposals…

Josh: HE/HIM

10-01-2009 14:46:55 UTC

You can always PM your proposals to another player and ask them to post it.

Amnistar: HE/HIM

10-01-2009 15:23:49 UTC

Ask another player to make a proposal, post your ideas as a not- proposal, wait 48 hours…

the proposal limit does a lot to keep the board from being cluttered with half-baked proposal ideas, and insures that proposals are actions that people actually feel are important.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-01-2009 16:14:30 UTC

You shouldn’t have to make the game more interesting single-handedly, though. It’s healthier for the game if you actively encourage other players to help you out. You could have presented “Marauder Refactor” as just a good, solid rule rewrite, and discussed potential Marauder Jobs in the comments, so that other players could run with them (and feel a bit more involved as a result).


10-02-2009 04:01:17 UTC

@Kevan: Sometimes, some players simply don’t want to propose anything, even if handed to them on a silver platter.

In the past, I’ve created posts with suggestions for proposals, and they have almost never been taken by others. Yet, when I propose them, they pass, meaning that they where not really unpopular to begin with.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-02-2009 09:31:21 UTC

Maybe it’s worth a Dynastic rule to temporarily up the proposal limit, in the (rare?) situation where there are enough active players to sustain a dynasty, but only a few actually interested in changing the rules.

Amnistar: HE/HIM

10-02-2009 14:46:55 UTC

Seems a bit of a silly idea to me to play the game but not propose rules.

I’m almost tempted to say that the fix would be better to require people to make rules changes…


10-02-2009 17:04:50 UTC

This dynasty has a reward for proposing (pass or fail), and people /still/ aren’t doing it.


10-02-2009 17:31:52 UTC

This dynasty has a reward for proposing (pass or fail), and people /still/ aren’t doing it.

Josh: HE/HIM

10-05-2009 15:17:29 UTC

Ruleset fatigue is a factor that can’t be overlooked when talking about why people slow down on proposals in the late game.

(See Qwazukee’s vote here.)