Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Proposal: Item Creation

Times out and fails 1-9 -Bucky

Adminned at 07 Sep 2009 11:54:59 UTC

Add a rule to Section 2 called “2.15: Craftsmanship”

Each Survivor has a statistic known as ‘Craftsmanship’ tracked in the GNDT. It can be any integer from 0 to 100, and shall initially be 10. Whenever an action requires a Survivor to use their Craftsmanship skill, they must roll DICE100 in the GNDT. A Survivor may train their Craftsmanship skill as a daily action, to raise it by 5, in the same method as Fitness Training: if you lose the roll against your skill, you gain the 5 points.

Add a subrule to rule 2.10 “Inventory” called “Item Creation”.

A Survivor may create an Item for use in their Inventory by rolling against that Item’s ‘Craft Difficulty’ with their Craftsmanship Skill. Every Item has a ‘Craft Difficulty’. If the survivor succeeds, one of the item is added to the inventory. If the survivor fails, no action is taken.

This will become useful once some items are added to the game: it will allow us to create items for use. Something like a healing pill or potion would have a high skill rating. Skill Rating should be proportional to the usefulness of the item.


redtara: they/them

02-09-2009 21:37:28 UTC

against Good, except there’s no limit to the number of times a Survivor can attempt to create an item: If they fail, they can just try again. I’d vote for, otherwise.

Darknight: he/him

02-09-2009 22:24:29 UTC

against Per yuri


03-09-2009 00:07:20 UTC

against  per yuri; however, congratulations on correctly proposing your first proposal. Often, people do stupid things like think that proposals are made by putting “Proposal:” at the beginning.


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03-09-2009 00:59:44 UTC

Also, what is meant by Section 2?


redtara: they/them

03-09-2009 02:21:54 UTC

The dynastic rules. 2.x.

Apathetic Lizardman:

03-09-2009 02:33:42 UTC

against Eh. What are we going to make stuff out of? Rubble?


03-09-2009 22:32:21 UTC

for  against  imperial
I create a stickie note out of nothingness and stick it on the proposal


03-09-2009 23:09:54 UTC

The stickie says HI WAKUKEE!!!!!  And then there is a smiley under it ;)


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