Sunday, March 05, 2006

Proposal: Loophole Fix

Timed out and passed, 6-3. Josh

Adminned at 07 Mar 2006 10:41:26 UTC

If the proposal Simplicity passes, then after the paragraph that ends “Gostaks may not move to any level on a floor above 20 unless permitted to do so by another rule” in the rule The Building add a new paragraph that says: “If a Gostak is the only Gostak on a floor that is named only by its number, then that Gostak may add to the name of the floor by adding a hyphen followed by the desired floor name in italics. Floor names may not be more than four words long.”

If the proposal Simplicity does not pass, then at the end of the sentence in the rule “The Building” ending “followed by the desired floor name” add the words “in italics.”



03-05-2006 03:31:16 UTC

I liked the naming thing.  I’m also fairly sure I worded this wrong.  Sorry, I’m new at this.


03-05-2006 04:12:21 UTC

against Unneccessary


03-05-2006 04:47:41 UTC

What loophole?


03-05-2006 17:55:22 UTC

the loophole Elias noticed, where allowing people to put text into the ruleset easily means they can put victory conditions there and then use them.  he fixed it by removing the naming thing, but I liked that idea so I want to just make it impossible to put new rules in w/o proposals with that trick.


03-06-2006 01:45:42 UTC



03-06-2006 02:44:08 UTC



03-06-2006 18:54:02 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-06-2006 19:25:21 UTC

for I think it’s good.


03-06-2006 21:34:38 UTC

against we can name floors via proposal. simplicity is good and flexibilty is dangerous.


03-06-2006 21:34:46 UTC


Elias IX:

03-06-2006 22:22:57 UTC

against I like them by proposal.


03-07-2006 18:41:45 UTC

imperial Apathy hath taken a hold of me.