Friday, March 13, 2020

Proposal: Money is Power

Failed, 1-9. Josh

Adminned at 15 Mar 2020 07:23:29 UTC

add a new rule called “Money is Power”

As a daily action, a Nobleman may gain 5 debt to gain 1 power OR lose 1 power to lose 3 debt

there doesn’t seem to be a way to gain power yet, apart from umbrage but i dont think its going to be relevant for a while.


Josh: he/they

13-03-2020 13:49:22 UTC

I don’t think this quite works as written as Debt isn’t tracked by Noblemen themselves; the daily action would have to be to message me and then I do it, updating Power accordingly, and I don’t think I want that kind of a workload on a daily basis.

A prestige / power trade off would be better, I think.


13-03-2020 14:04:57 UTC

but pretige and power are both hard to get, converting an abundant resource into a scarce one seems more useful.
is there no way to have a noble man edit their own money while not being able to see others debts and letting you see them all?


13-03-2020 14:09:02 UTC

Maybe we could have an amount of money “on hand” that we can use to remove debt or spend on stuff like this.

Kevan: he/him

13-03-2020 14:14:12 UTC

We can already convert Debt into Power by winning auctions: Items have “an impact upon the Power and Prestige of the possessor”. The existing antique Ottoman chess set is +1 Power, +1 Prestige.


Josh: he/they

13-03-2020 14:19:01 UTC

Remember also that Power can go negative, so technically is as infinite as Money, albeit in a way that should carry a negative effect.

My idea for Prestige is that it’s not a currency - it’s the dynasty’s Victory Points equivalent - while Power is a side-currency that can be used to powerfully impact other mechanics but at a risk.

“is there no way to have a noble man edit their own money while not being able to see others debts and letting you see them all?”

There could be a wiki field for “pending transactions” that I can blank once every period and incorporate into Debts, I suppose.

against for this but would be interested in further thinking along these lines.

Kevan: he/him

13-03-2020 15:39:50 UTC

“Pending transactions” is a good call: since the Debt victory block is secret anyway, it wouldn’t make it any more complex to make it a Debt+Pending victory block.

Clucky: he/him

13-03-2020 15:57:59 UTC


Brendan: he/him

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13-03-2020 19:25:16 UTC


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The Duke of Waltham: he/him

15-03-2020 00:52:14 UTC

against Per Louis XIV. (I’d vote DEF, but it would be invalid.)