Monday, September 12, 2005

Proposal: Races

Self-Killed by Purplebeard.—Chronos.

Adminned at 12 Sep 2005 07:33:50 UTC

If proposal: population passes, add a subrule races to territories

There exist races of which populations belong. All inhabitants of each country are of the same race. A country may change the race of its population once every 24 hours. Initially, there are two races:

Average guys: These are your average human beings. All non-Neorobotnik countries initially contain average guys. Average guys are average in all respects, and excel in nothing.
Robots: The populations of Neorobotnik countries automatically consist of robots. Robots have mastered the art of construction and machination and require no food. However, they do consume petroleum and will function less efficiently if their country has got none. Robots are above average soldiers.

In the future, races could give countries the option to specialize. Robots could also prove interesting, allowing countries to trade a valuable resource for better workers, and defining Neorobotnik countries as capitalist countries, if you will.


Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

09-12-2005 13:10:55 UTC


Purplebeard, check out the Ruleset or Switch Guidebook as regards Proposal-making ;D

(You do NOT type “Proposal:” anymore; instead, you put a post in the Proposal category.


09-12-2005 13:13:46 UTC

against Though, overall, it is a very good Proposal.

Reasons of vote:

- Please check on the Glossary for the terms “often” and “occasionally”. I feel “Often” or “Once a Day” is too fast for a race changing. I’d settle for Occasionally.


09-12-2005 13:15:58 UTC



09-12-2005 13:23:35 UTC

My apologies for the mistakes; I guess I missed those points.


09-12-2005 13:30:17 UTC

My suggestion: Self-Kill (vote yourself against it) and repropose


09-12-2005 13:40:44 UTC