Thursday, September 03, 2009


I’m saying that people should be given an explanation of what is going on so they don’t have to make fools of themselves.  The rules are not very explanatory.



09-04-2009 00:22:37 UTC

Could you list the parts that you feel are “not very explanatory”?

Also, please do not make post very much in one day. Comment, sure, but not post. This can get you banned per as it could be interpreted as spamming.


09-04-2009 02:27:44 UTC

Pssh no it’s fine, these are legit concerns not spam. If you need help understanding the Rules, I suggest IRC or sending a Private Message with specific questions to someone who’s been here a while.


09-08-2009 21:59:15 UTC

I’ve asked Wakukee, but he’s given up.  And he really doesn’t want me on Blognomic because it’s embarrassing him.


09-08-2009 22:33:57 UTC

Naw it’s ok, not too many ppl are active this Dynasty so it will probably end soon and we can start over.

Also, don’t listen to Wak, I never do. : p You should’ve seen his start on Blognomic, he broke the game on multiple occasions. . . .


09-09-2009 00:33:53 UTC

4 or 5, if I recll properly… XD.