Monday, November 13, 2006

Proposal: The Book of Fire

Timed out (1-6)
Failed by Hix

Adminned at 15 Nov 2006 11:28:14 UTC

Add the following to the list of tomes in Rule 2.7.1:

Book of Fire (1 Copy)

Spell: Demon Summoning

Circumstances: This Spell may be cast occasionally when a planet is dignified in a Fire sign and may be cast often when Sun, Mars and Jupiter form a Grand Trine.
Consequences: The Student who casts this spell makes a DICE100 roll against another Student (or against emself if e so wishes). If the result is less than the difference between the victim student’s sanity and zero, then the victim is captured by demons and added to the Lost List.

eg. if Student A is casting this spell on Student B and Student B has a sanity of -40 then a DICE100 roll of 39 or less would see Student B ‘captured by demons’

This spell automatically succeeds against students with a sanity below -100 and automatically fails against students with a sanity above -2. On each attempt, the spell can be cast against as many students as the caster wishes, but may only be cast a maximum of once against each student.

When casting, the caster must make a post in the following format:

[victim 1 name] [DICE100 result] [Success/Failure]
[victim 2 name] [DICE100 result] [Success/Failure] etc.

Add the following subrule to the Law of Loss as 2.10.1 if ‘The Hunted Nomic’ fails and 2.10.2 if ‘The Hunted Nomic’ succeeds:

A Student may be added to the Lost List as the result of being ‘captured by demons’ as per the rules for the Book of Fire.


Clucky: he/him

13-11-2006 21:14:47 UTC

To easy to lose people against


13-11-2006 22:12:39 UTC

against what Clucky said.

I had my own Book of Fire planned which would cost Thirst to use.


14-11-2006 00:08:14 UTC


If someone becomes Lost, it should be through their own rash actions rather than through somebody else’s good luck.  The Rule does require that the unfortunate Student be Insane, but that isn’t enough, I think.


14-11-2006 00:57:36 UTC

What Tommy said.  Maybe a some failed spell castings could cause the caster to become lost.  And you can cast it against everyone simultaneously with no negative consequences?  Ew. 

Also, the tome would officially read “the victim is and added to the Lost List”, since “captured by demons” is in italics.  (See glossary 3.1)


14-11-2006 20:38:54 UTC



14-11-2006 23:01:36 UTC

against agreed that this is overpowered.