Friday, September 01, 2006

Proposal: Proposal: Voting Harmony


Adminned at 03 Sep 2006 03:14:59 UTC

If the Rule “Harmony” exists, add to the end of “Harmony” the words:

If all musicians performing the same style vote the same way on a proposal, X/3 (rounded down) votes the same as those cast by those musicians are cast on that proposal, where X is the number of musicians playing that style.
Any votes cast by this rule are not counted to determine whether a Quorum number of FOR votes is reached.



09-01-2006 13:28:15 UTC

I see a few problems with this.

- At what point do you check if all musicians performing the same style have voted the same way?
- What about musicians who haven’t voted at all?
- If they’ve all voted the same then somebody changes does that take the votes away?  If they change back again does that put them back?
- Ditto for swapping styles.
- How do you mark any such votes (if at all)?



09-01-2006 13:51:48 UTC

I presume it “checks” constantly and the ghost votes switch on and off as appropriate. This is bad for admins, though, as it requires more effort to check whether a proposal is ready to be processed yet. I’d be happier if the bonus votes had to be explicitly declared by one of the style’s Musicians (at a point at which it was legal to do so; it wouldn’t hurt too much if the votes stayed legal even if styles switched around afterwards).



09-01-2006 14:19:44 UTC

Took the words out of my mouth, sir. Sounds like the rule would add the X/3 votes ad infinitum. against


09-01-2006 16:00:08 UTC



09-01-2006 16:08:14 UTC

against Good idea, bad implementation.


09-01-2006 16:26:06 UTC

You’re right, self-kill


09-01-2006 23:28:56 UTC