Friday, September 10, 2010

[Proto-Competition] Weather Prediction

Comments to this post in the form “Guess: [17 September 2010] 31C” are considered to be Guesses; each specifies a date and a temperature (in Celsius). Guesses are ignored if they duplicate a previous non-ignored guess, if they are made later than the end of the day a week prior to the date, or if their author has already made a Guess for the same date.

After a day has ended, if the temperature in Funafuti, Tuvalu, according to the website, equals a Befuddled’s guess (the Victor), then once for each other Befuddled who made a Guess for that week, the Victor can transfer 1 IQ from that Befuddled to himself.



Bucky: Proprietor

11-09-2010 04:46:13 UTC

Shouldn’t it use either high temperature or temperature at a certain time of day, as opposed to using any temperature at any time after the day ends?