Thursday, July 07, 2011

Proto: Alliance Weakener

In “Death and Scorekeeping”, Append

A Gladiator (here refered to as Killer) is not awarded a Frag for a Death of another Gladiator (here referred to as Victim) if Killer’s last Frag was awarded for the Death of Victim.

Out of proposal slots.

Sure, 3 gladiators could team up, but this discourages a two-man team.



07-07-2011 07:58:41 UTC



07-07-2011 09:24:26 UTC

Hm - I am unsure wether this really adresses the problem. A rule just for one specific teaming? Only if frags will be the ultimate victory condition….

Better something like “A Gladiator cannot earn more than one Frag from multiple deaths of another Gladiator in any 48h period.”


07-07-2011 12:06:37 UTC

Mideg: But that is annoying to track.

Kevan: HE/HIM

07-07-2011 12:09:16 UTC

Relatedly, this proposal should really be tracking the source of a player’s most recent Frag, so that we don’t have to comb through the GNDT logs to check. Maybe a “Last Kill” GNDT field.


07-07-2011 13:36:50 UTC

aguydude: Still, this proposal only covers one very specific not-even-complete-since-frags-dont-mean-a-thing scam. And we might need a GNDT ressource to it. And if it really is a scam that is prevented it can probably easily be changed slightly to still work.

Thus:  against for the cleanliness of the ruleset.