Friday, January 20, 2012

Proto: The Police

Create a Rule titled “The Police”:

Some Criminals are Agents secretly working for the police.  The Don shall privately track, and keep all Agents informed of, which Criminals are Agents.  Any Criminal who has never been an Agent can become one by informing the Don.

An Agent cannot be the Culprit of an Assisted Action unless the Lookout is another Agent.

As an Assisted Action, a non-Agent Criminal can spend 2000 Respect to Accuse a specified Criminal.  When this happens, the Don shall publicly disclose whether the Accused Criminal was an Agent.  Then, if so, all of that Agent’s Respect, Firepower, Wealth, and Goods is transferred to the Culprit, the Agent’s Heat is set to zero, the Agent becomes not In Jail, the Police Vigilance Number is increased by the Agent’s former Heat, and the Agent ceases to be an Agent.

The Police Budget is a non-negative integer tracked in the Don’s Respect field in the GNDT, defaulting to zero.  When the Police Vigilance Number is increased, the Police Budget is increased by the same amount.

The Police Inefficiency is PVN/10 + 5, where PVN is the Police Vigilance Number.

A Police Action is a type of action that any Agent may request the Don perform on behalf of the Police, specifying any required parameters for the action.  As soon as possible after receiving such a request, the Don shall attempt to reduce the Police Budget by the Police Inefficiency.  If the Police Budget is less than the Police Inefficiency, nothing happens.  Otherwise, the Don shall record in the GNDT which action was requested, but not the parameters; then, as soon as possible after the specified delay, the Don shall carry out the action.

As a Police Action with a delay of 48 hours, the Police may Raid a Criminal for a specified Good.  If that Criminal possesses that Good, it is removed from their possession and their Respect is decreased by the Good’s Reputation.

As a Police Action with a delay of 24 hours, the Police may Perform a Sting for a specified Assisted Action listed in the rule “Swag”.  All Criminals who performed that action in the last 24 hours go to Jail, and lose half of any Wealth, Respect, or Firepower they gained as a result of that action, to a minimum of 0.

Amend the rule “Goods” by inserting this paragraph before “The following goods can be Stolen”:

A Criminal may give a Good they possess to another Criminal, lowering their own Respect by half the Good’s Reputation and increasing the recipient’s Respect by the same amount.

Let’s make this deeper.

The theme reminded me of Mafia., so here’s a bit of Mafia in reverse.  The advantage to becoming an Agent: you get to direct the Police, which won’t benefit you directly, but can harm your competition.  The disadvantage: your ability to commit crime is limited, and if someone deduces what’s going on from either that limitation or the Police’s actions, you’re screwed for a while.


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