Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Protosal: Combat System

Add a new rule titled “Stats and Weapons”, with the following text:

Each @ has a number called HP, and a number called Max HP. They are together tracked the GNDT column “HP”, which should display “X (Y)”, where X is the @ in question’s HP and Y is the @ in question’s Max HP. Each @ starts with an HP and Max HP of 10.

There exist Weapons, which are a type of item. A Weapon can be ranged or melee, and has an amount of Damage, which is two integers (a number of Dice and a number of Sides). If an @ carries a weapon, they may be wielding it.

Add a new rule titled “Monsters”, with the following text:

A Monster is a type of game entity; each one has a number of HP and an amount of Damage, which is two integers (a number of Dice and a number of Sides).

An active Encounter exists while at least one Monster exists. The RNG can create a Monster at any time; this either creates a new active Encounter, or adds Monsters to any existing active Encounter. When creating an Encounter, the RNG must detail the Monsters in it in a Story Post with [Encounter] in its title; new Monsters added to an existing Encounter must be detailed in comments to its associated Story Post, and the comments to that post should also be used by @s to track which Monsters are still alive, along with the current stats for each. If all Monsters in an Encounter cease to exist, the Encounter stops being an Encounter.

Each @ has a Distance, which is tracked in the Story Post for an Encounter, not in the GNDT. The Distances of each @ shall be decided by the RNG when he begins an Encounter.

Add a new rule called “Combat”:

As a daily action, an @ may Fight one Monster, or an @. If the @ is not wielding a weapon, they must roll DICEX in the GNDT where X is their Strength. If the @ is wielding a weapon, they must roll XDICEY in the GNDT where X is the number of Dice for their weapon, and Y is the number of Sides for their weapon. The result of the die roll (whichever is used) is the Damage Dealt. An @ may not Fight a Monster if their Distance is greater than 1 unless they are wielding a ranged weapon, and an @ may not Fight an @ who has a different Distance than them unless they are wielding a ranged weapon.

When an @ fights something, after rolling damage dealt, they decrease the HP of whatever they fought by the damage dealt. If the HP of a monster goes below 1, they cease to exist. If the HP of an @ goes below 1, they die.

After an @ fights a Monster, the Monster fights back; the Monster fights the @ who fought them. The RNG shall role XDICEY in the GNDT where X is the Monster’s Dice and Y is the Monster’s Sides, and decreases the @‘s HP by the result.

As a daily action, an @ may Move. They roll DICE3 in the GNDT and increase or decrease their Distance by any number from 1 to the result, so long as their Distance does not go below 1.

So, what do you think? I’ve been talking a lot in IRC about this.

Once we get a location system, I’ll limit each Encounter to a specific room, so that if you can’t fight a goblin that’s on the opposite side of the dungeon from you. For now, let’s just say that the “party” is sticking together. Or that they’re each others’ pets or something.

This would be an actual proposal but I’m out of slots.



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03-06-2010 01:30:11 UTC


Too much reliance on the RNG - for instance, he can arbitrarily reset everyone’s Distance as he sees fit by starting a new Encounter.


03-06-2010 01:32:21 UTC


03-06-2010 04:28:30 UTC

against again, just to be sure (considering self-kill?)


03-06-2010 04:30:37 UTC

Er, this is a protosal (proto-proposal), not an actual proposal. (You can tell quickly because of the lack of a blue box before the title, for future reference.)


03-06-2010 14:43:23 UTC

a bit too much in one prot/posal imo


04-06-2010 02:22:59 UTC

Oh, ok. I wasn’t sure if that was normal because of what happend to my icons last dynasty.