Thursday, October 08, 2009

Protosal: I’m good at everything.

Add a new rule, “Victory Conditions”:

A player can achieve victory if they meet at least 2/3 of all Victory Conditions simultaneously, and there are at least 3 such conditions.
Victory Conditions: **Here go victory conditions eg. reach milestone X, make at least 5 changes to core rules, have never lost any points, etc.  idk, this is a protosal**



10-08-2009 00:34:57 UTC

imperial .  Depends on the Conditions.


10-08-2009 00:37:23 UTC

Also, to avoid confusion you should probably call them Achievements or similar.


10-08-2009 00:55:20 UTC



10-08-2009 01:05:55 UTC

against Ugh


10-08-2009 01:27:14 UTC

against We could just start with 1 victory condition . . . that would be good.

Ienpw III:

10-08-2009 01:46:17 UTC

Small things. Gathered up to a greater whole.

Ienpw III:

10-08-2009 01:46:55 UTC

This is to make this the *only* way to win, instead of having several win conditions.


10-08-2009 03:07:00 UTC



10-08-2009 11:42:48 UTC



10-08-2009 13:09:00 UTC

against This is probably a scam. After all, quite a few players here (all of them?) have never lost any points; and probably someone has made at least 5 changes to the core ruleset. Your examples are unfortunately binding, the way the proposal reads…


10-08-2009 13:17:45 UTC

Also, this isn’t actually a proposal. (Is it meant to be a proto? (Agoran language: “proto” = something that looks similar to a game action, but is deliberately done in an ineffective manner so that people can discuss it before it’s actually done.) I’m wondering if the apparent typo in the title is deliberate.

Ienpw III:

10-08-2009 14:49:11 UTC

ais: it is a Protosal. Notice it’s not in the proposal category.