Monday, August 22, 2022

Story Post: Provisional Seed List

Good morning and welcome to Tournament Mode.

As things stand, 8 Operators are eligible to take their Bots through to the final Tournament. Four of those Operators - Brendan, Habanero, Lendunistus and Trapdoorspyder - have activated their LED Banners and thus will be allowed to bypass the first round of the content. Bouts will be sorted according to seed order; this post sets out what the current Seed order is and how it is derived. Following this post, Operators have three full days to adjust their positioning and attempt to either secure a name on an LED Banner or improve their seed rank.

Seeds have been calculated based off of a Seed Score, in which the lowest value wins. These are derived as follows:
* Bouts played: Each Operator is given a Rank, from 1 to 8, based on how many Bouts they have participated in. If they have taken part on many Bouts then this measure has less impact than if they have taken part in very few Bouts; increasing your number of Bouts Played improves your seed score considerably, but only up to a (relative) threshold.
* Win/Loss %: Bouts Won / Bouts Played, as a %, with impact of score again weighted by how many Bouts have been played; a high W/L over many Bouts has more impact than few
* Winner Adjusted Score: Each Bout has been given a Score measuring how hard it was to win. This score is based on: the W/L% of the loser, whether the Bout went to Sudden Death, and whether it came earlier in the Dynasty or later. An Operator’s average WAS for Bouts that they have won is ranked.
* Average Damage Taken on Loss: Losing without taking much damage also has a small impact on the final determination.

Without further ado, here are the Provisional Rankings:

1. Brendan (Seed Score: 1.995)
2. Trapdoorspyder (Seed Score: 2.281)
3. SupernovaStarbright (Seed Score: 3.016)
4. SingularByte (Seed Score: 4.097)
5. Habanero (Seed Score: 5.000)
6. Lendunistus (Seed Score: 7.751)
7. Darknight (Seed Score: 9.608)
8. Maldor (Seed Score: 10.345)


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