Friday, September 22, 2006

Pseudo-Proposal: New Theme

As the members of Blognomic Company file out of the briefing area, epylar says to Thrawn, “That whole briefing went way over my head.”
Thrawn replies, “Me too.  What’s an ‘Absolutivity Disruption Zone?’”
“I don’t know.  I never understood philosophy.”

A disaster has created an anomalously large ADZ in which reality really does depend on one’s point of view.  Afraid that terrorists, communists or Democrats might use it for their own nefarious purposes, the army has sent the elite Blognomic Company to secure the interior while other troops secure the perimiter.

Each member of Blognomic Company has the following:
1 gun (details not necessery)
1 stun ray (expiramental design.  Considered necessery due to nature of mission)
Body armor (kevlar)
1 helmet (with portable radio unit)
MBEs (Meals Barely Edible)
2 boots
Personal Hygene Kit (toothbrush, toothpaste razors soap etc.)

and most importantly,
1 Soul (purpose unknown).

The company also has a single Radio Amplifier capable of penetrating the ADZ boundary and communicating with Commander Bucky who is outside the ADZ.

Their mission is to neutralize any hostile people who would use the ADZ for their own purposes and destroy the ADZ if possible, then call in the Metaphysics Specialist Squad to destroy the ADZ.

As they march at the approximate location of the ADZ boundary, Epylar says to Thrawn, “What’s in there?”
“I don’t know.”
Immediately, a thick fog surrounds the group.
“I can’t stand this.  I can’t see anyone”
“Tighten the formation!”
“I don’t like this.  Say we lost the amplifier, nobody would ever find us.”
“Don’t worry, the radio’s right…”
And then he realized the Radio really was gone.



09-23-2006 08:43:00 UTC

Toothpaste razors? I don´t like the sound of that…


09-23-2006 08:44:40 UTC

This sounds like a good theme for the next Emperor (who will change their names with Bucky)

Elias IX:

09-23-2006 19:55:34 UTC


Elias IX:

09-23-2006 19:56:04 UTC

Let that be read as a “pseudo-:IMPERIAL:”, though.


09-23-2006 22:34:22 UTC

With minor modification, this could work as a meta-dynasty’s “Ascension Address Equivalent”.