Friday, October 13, 2006

Public opinion poll

I ask all Vegetables to leave comments on whether they think that Anarchists cannot influence other Vegetables.  I assume this conclusion is based on “These Vegetables are considered to be Rotten for the purposes of this Rule”, which appears in Rule 2.3.1 and thus should not restrict attempts to influence.  Maybe by discussing it here, we can aviod a CfJ, or at least figure out exactly what issue needs to be CfJ’d.



13-10-2006 14:40:27 UTC

Strangely enough, the ruleset never defines what ‘rules’ are, and I think this is the main issue here.

I considered ‘rule 2.3.1’ to be merely a subrule to (and part of) rule 2.3, but you may have a point there.


13-10-2006 21:55:42 UTC

When I wrote it, I had intended it to refer only to text in Rule 2.3.1 and not to text in Rule 2.3

Elias IX:

13-10-2006 22:51:28 UTC

Arrr… I thought it referred to the entire text of Rule 2.3, which would make for an interesting “Civil Disorder” mechanic.


14-10-2006 00:55:59 UTC

If it refers to the entire text of Rule 2.3 then there is a paradox because by def. of Rotten no Rotten vegetable has an Inclination.  Therefore if you are an Anarchist, you have no inclination and cannot be an Anarchist.