Saturday, February 03, 2018

Punch and Judy

Add to the list of Supplies

Puppet Theater Blueprints: Structural. If the User has Fabric, Toolbox and Nails they may destroy these Blueprints, the Fabric and the Nails to add a Puppet Theater to their inventory.

Puppet Theater: Structural. As a craction change up to three Resident’s stance towards you to Trusting. The Puppet Theater can only be used once for each ordered set of two Residents where the first Resident has the Puppet Theater in their inventory.

We’ve got to do something other than hitting each other with crowbars to entertain ourselves.



02-03-2018 18:16:53 UTC

Ludicrously powerful. It’s basically, “choose three Residents, and you can steal items from them for the rest of the game.”

That’s some serious cuckolding so, no. (Even if I do have an advantage in racing to make this item because of my Alertness. It’s just too drastic.)


02-03-2018 18:23:29 UTC

(Also this isn’t a proposal lol, oh well)