Friday, May 18, 2018

Proposal: Pup pet

Timed out 2 votes to 4. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 May 2018 11:34:05 UTC

Create a new rule called “Pup” with:

Pup is the ship’s mascot dog, and honorary Captain of the Haniver. While Pup is Alive (has more than 0 Health), Sailor Captains become Deckhands and no Sailor can become a Captain. Pup is considered to have 1 Health and a blog post shall be made dedicated to the tragedy of their death in the case that their Health is lowered from that value. The Health of Pup is tracked via this information.

A Sailor can Feed Pup an instance of Jerky as a Daily Action via making a blog post for this purpose and having Jerky as held Item. Feeding Pup Jerky destroys the Jerky you have in your possession along allowing you to perform a single action that only someone with the Captain Position could do. Pup can only be Fed once every 24 hours.

Add the following to the list of items:

Jerky: (10 at the Haniver by default)



05-18-2018 05:36:51 UTC



05-18-2018 05:40:53 UTC



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05-18-2018 06:29:27 UTC

“Pup can only be Fed once every 24 hours.” someone could simply poach that clock until they run out of jerky.
“While Pup is Alive ... no Sailor can become a Captain.” great so #1 priority will be to kill Pup once all of the Jerky is gone so that certain actions only the captain can do could be accomplished, for now those are limited to reassigning positions and declaring hunts.


05-18-2018 06:35:23 UTC

- No, because you can only hold one Item at a time, and you can only destroy one Jerky per 24h.

- Yes. It’s deliberate. That’s why he is even killable in the first place.


05-18-2018 06:35:32 UTC

Each sailor can keep 1 jerky in their inventory, so no sailor will be able to use more than 2-3 probably.

And I don’t mind killing Pup. As the title of the proposal states, they’re just a puppet.


05-18-2018 06:38:38 UTC

(Just to add that he’s not *technically* killable yet but the cement is there so that he can be killed)


05-18-2018 08:13:23 UTC

against Nullifying the role of Captain for at least 10 days seems like a poor idea.


05-18-2018 08:35:00 UTC

(My mistake, nullifying the Captain role indefinitely until a quorum agree on how to kill a dog.)


05-19-2018 14:54:43 UTC