Thursday, October 15, 2009

Queries and Notices

I changed the Veto icon to the arrow, reversed.  It looks better on the row of icons, at least.

I also, while looking at the sidebar, moved it to the other side for a change of pace.  If anyone seriously objects, it can go back.

Kevan mentioned that he’d like the sidebar to run alongside the header.  Do others agree?

Wakukee says: I really couldn’t take the left sidebar, so I changed it back. It just seemed… wrong. Sorry.



10-15-2009 10:00:22 UTC

The way you’ve moved the sidebar, by having it earlier in the source code, may be a problem for anyone reading the site on a mobile device - they’ll have to scroll through the entire sidebar text (possibly including the entire idle player list, if the browser doesn’t support Javascript) before they can see what the most recent blog entry is.

The thing about the header is just that there’s an awful lot of whitespace above the “fold”, particularly for the larger header images. Maybe it’s time to start from a new theme? Should we put it to an (informal) vote?


10-15-2009 10:04:34 UTC

I changed that back, kevan.  or at least i think I did.  It should just now be floated left instead of right.

If that’s not the case, then i’ll have a look.


10-15-2009 10:05:29 UTC

One thing that could save some screen real estate is just making the header less /tall/, as well.


10-15-2009 10:08:14 UTC

I would oppose starting from a new theme.  This one has had a lot of work put into it, and yes, has suffered ‘code decay’.  But getting back up to snuff will probably be less work than starting over.


10-15-2009 10:09:46 UTC

Ah, okay, that’s better.

My only aesthetic objection is that the blog content looks a bit detached and uneven with all the hovering whitespace, so I’ve added a dotted line to the side of the sidebar.


10-15-2009 10:12:27 UTC

Would we actually lose much work by replacing the theme? I’m assuming that the only important BlogNomic stuff is the content of the sidebar template, which we can just drop back into the sidebar(s) of whichever predesigned template we ended up using.


10-15-2009 10:13:28 UTC

I’d prefer the sidebar back on the right; it’s really hard to click on the comment box now, because it’s towards the middle of the window rather than the edges, and harder to read the blog posts too now in their new position. As for the header, I prefer it to be separate from the sidebar, strangely for screen real estate reasons. It’s trivial to simply scroll down a bit so that the header is no longer in the way; if the sidebar went beside it, it would no longer be possible to do that without losing the sidebar features.


10-15-2009 10:15:26 UTC

Kevan: the comments were also hacked on a bit to get the voting to work right: As you know they’re just smilies.

What i wish we had was a smoother way to post.


10-15-2009 10:18:11 UTC

Ais: i’m not sure why the comment box is so small, to be honest.

I strongly disagree that it’s harder to read the posts, though—it’s a used-to thing, mostly.


10-15-2009 10:20:43 UTC

Is that even part of a template? The only serious template hacking I can see is the sidebar, and the blog-entry title prefix in “posts”.

What do you mean by a “smoother way to post”?


10-15-2009 10:26:45 UTC

Without all the nonsense with the guts of EE.  something like the Comment box, but for a new post. 

Yeah, it’s part of the ‘archive’ template, I believe.


10-15-2009 11:24:48 UTC

I have a question.

Will Google Wave have functionality that could potentially be useful to BlogNomic?


10-15-2009 11:25:16 UTC

(btw, yes, a more straightforward posting box would be a godsend.)


10-15-2009 12:58:19 UTC

I would definatelyy prefer the sidebar on the right, but also up with the header like Kev suggested.


10-15-2009 14:01:29 UTC

Sidebar belongs on the right.  Kevan is correct—if you read the site on a Blackberry, you would have to read the entire sidebar first.


10-15-2009 14:24:47 UTC

I have a small question, if you could help… is there a way to set a variable to count the total number of open proposals so that I could have the “Pending Proposals” read “Pending Proposals (# of open proposals)”?


10-15-2009 14:54:38 UTC

Wak: the short answer is yes.  Unfortunately, the long answer is “I don’t remember how”.

Josh: I don’t know.  I will investimagate.


10-15-2009 15:00:00 UTC

Wak, edit comment: Hunh. We used to change it every dynasty or two, just because it’s one of the easiest ways of changing the ‘look’.  But, life goes on.


10-15-2009 15:02:31 UTC

[Spike] It should just depend on the order the text appears in the source, not the order it appears left-to-right on the screen. Excalabur had fixed it so that the sidebar appeared left on the screen but later in the source.

[Wakukee] There’s a “{total_results}” ExpressionEngine variable you can access; I’ve hacked a solution where it just goes through the proposal loop twice to get it (so that it can print the title before it has to start printing proposals). This might be adding unnecessarily to page render time, and I started working on a quicker alternative (that generates all the HTML in a variable and prints it at the end), but don’t really have the time to debug it at the moment.

Oddly, making a temporary template to test this kind of thing without wrecking the live site doesn’t work - it doesn’t seem to want to process the PHP, when I preview it. What am I overlooking?


10-15-2009 15:21:39 UTC

Wow. Giant comment box.  veto


10-15-2009 17:46:59 UTC

Perhaps we should change the veto icon to a version of the purple arrow, but pointing downwards.


10-15-2009 22:25:28 UTC that not what Ex JUST did in this post?


10-15-2009 23:22:36 UTC

Arthexis probably still had the old one cached. Shift-reload the page if you’re still getting the grey globe thing.

Ienpw III:

10-15-2009 23:36:49 UTC

Arth was being sarcastic…