Monday, May 14, 2007

Story Post: Question:

Curious: Why does my post not change the rules set? It adds the rule under Wages and makes an entry 2.2.2. Perhaps I am not understanding something.



14-05-2007 13:01:46 UTC

1) You’re not an Admin.  (Neither am I.)  Once a Proposal is duly approved, an admin must manually make the changes to the Ruleset.

2) Make sure that you configure your preferences to the blognomic wiki so that you see the actual wiki as in effect at the time that you look at it, rather than a previous version stored in your cache.

3) I note that your recent proposal “Patent Rights Act 3” doesn’t actually change the ruleset.  (It contains text that looks like a proposed new rule, but nothing in your proposal explicitly said “Add this new rule to the ruleset” or anything like that.  Thus, strictly speaking, your proposal doesn’t do anything.

Clucky: he/him

14-05-2007 14:46:28 UTC

Spikebrennan is correct. Your proposal was a bunch of text with no directions to add anything to the ruleset. =(


14-05-2007 16:25:44 UTC

Point 3 of Spike’s comment.


14-05-2007 17:36:55 UTC

Ah, well, right then. I shall be more speciffic then next time. Thanks {:0)