Monday, September 19, 2005

Question: Marco Polo

Do I get to create a territory since Proposal: Your ticket, please technically passed unanimously, or does the creating of territories by the marco polo rule fall under ‘the proposal doing something’?



09-19-2005 17:12:12 UTC

I’d say you’ve got a Territory, as the relevant rule talks about a proposal passing, not about it having any effects over the gamestate.


09-19-2005 17:13:29 UTC

I think you can create a territory. I’d say that the Marco Polo effect was caused by the clause in the territory rule, not by your proposal.


09-19-2005 17:20:26 UTC

Ditto.  I see no reason why a blank proposal wouldn’t give you a territory if people voted for it.


09-19-2005 17:22:44 UTC

for :)