Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proposal: Questioning With True Answers

I get :SADFACE: vetoing stuff—arth

Adminned at 28 Jan 2009 20:08:34 UTC

In each comment which contains a counted vote on this proposal, there may also be one question, whose answer must be a number.

If this proposal passes, the Writer must answer all counted questions truthfully.



01-29-2009 03:19:25 UTC

for  How many times does the letter R appear in the Theme?


01-29-2009 03:19:27 UTC

for Author for, how many words does the name of the Theme contain?


01-29-2009 03:20:46 UTC The Theme doesn’t have a name.


01-29-2009 03:21:34 UTC

Except “The Theme”.


01-29-2009 03:21:51 UTC

for Author for, question change, how many words does the Theme contain?


01-29-2009 03:36:05 UTC

Same as Darth Cliche’s proposal:

against  Given that A is ‘01’, B is ‘02’, C is ‘03’, and continuing in that manner until Z is ‘26’, what is the number made by concatenating all the values of each letter in the Theme in order?

For example, if the theme were ‘Dog’, the number would be 041507 or 41507.


01-29-2009 03:38:20 UTC

Arth could just give the answer for the following two words: the Theme.

Technically, that would be truthful.


01-29-2009 03:39:48 UTC

Of course, he could do the same thing with your question or mine.

But he wouldn’t do that.


01-29-2009 03:43:45 UTC



01-29-2009 03:49:54 UTC

Why against, Qwaz?


01-29-2009 04:00:02 UTC

against I don’t think we need this with the yes/no question proposal + the unofficial hints.

But, just in case…
Using the first GNO encryption method, what is the encrypted version of the contents of the theme?


01-29-2009 04:03:08 UTC

against  Due to “contents of the theme”.


01-29-2009 04:07:00 UTC

veto The veto icon is sad because he has to do this.