Monday, January 30, 2006

Proposal: Quiet, Too Quiet

Self-killed. Experimentally failed by Josh.

Adminned at 31 Jan 2006 16:01:48 UTC

[ Sometimes the captain sends the ship to find Adventures, but sometimes the Adventures come to the ship… ]

In Rule 2.9 (Adventures), replace “Whenever the mood takes him, the Captain may post to the weblog announcing an exciting piratical Adventure” with

If a Swashbuckler is on deck, or in the Crow’s Nest, then they may post to the weblog announcing an exciting piratical Adventure

Replace “the Captain may declare the Adventure over” with:-

any Swashbuckler may declare the Adventure over

Also add:-

Only a single Adventure may be in progress at any given time.



01-30-2006 06:24:17 UTC

Yarr, not sure which way to go with this. Perhaps it needs a reword. Like the declaring swashbuckler may declare the adventure over. The way you have it, I think one swashbuckler could post an adventure, then another could join it, declare it over and take all the booty. I also think this leaves the game open to booty inflation—the rule has the potential to overwhelm the crew with booty and distort the price structure. Anyway, I’m going to hold off on a vote for a while and stop cracking booty jokes. I’d like to se what other have to say.


01-30-2006 10:42:28 UTC

I agree with predisastered…  Good idea, needs a rethink. 

Also, many an adventure as a pirate is mandatory.  Hm.  Ponder ponder. imperial for now.


01-30-2006 11:16:50 UTC

Arr, don’t ye worry, my proposal not be touching the “After at least 24 hours” clause of Adventure resolution, ye can’t scam it like that.

And it be better if anyone can close the adventure, in case the originator be too idle or drunk to do so.

Elias IX:

01-30-2006 13:03:22 UTC

Ooh, I can’t vote deferential.

I’ll wait and see.


01-30-2006 13:20:07 UTC

Can’t we also link the value of the adventure to the GPS value? against


01-30-2006 15:53:39 UTC

against What’s stopping the instigator from making the Danger level his GPS +1 and thus ensuring success for emself?


01-30-2006 16:02:31 UTC



01-30-2006 17:14:52 UTC



01-30-2006 18:52:25 UTC



01-30-2006 22:40:40 UTC

One pirate ain’t enough to take the ship on an adventure—unless that pirate is the captain. Either make the adventure crew-approved by voting on it, or make a penalty to the look-out if no other pirates join in.


01-31-2006 01:34:35 UTC

against I’d probably be for a rewritten version, though.


01-31-2006 12:02:24 UTC

for Ye be all yellow?

Elias IX:

01-31-2006 12:48:50 UTC

against The look-out can sight ships, but either a majority of the crew decides to board, or the Captain decides to.


01-31-2006 15:16:58 UTC

against  against  against Arr, self-kill.