Saturday, June 25, 2016

Call for Judgment: Quorum is One

Fails 0-4 with a Quorum of AGAINST votes. -Bucky

Adminned at 26 Jun 2016 00:59:23 UTC

I just pulled a dubious scam, which either doesn’t actually work, and can be tidily undone with a more leisurely CfJ, or lets me pass whatever I want via CFJ. I think it requires some immediate attention now, in case it happens to be the latter case. As such, change the gamestate to reflect the following (but not retroactively):

Kevan, Brendan, Larrytheturtle, GenericPerson, Clucky, and Bucky are all considered to be Scribes. RaichuKFM achieves victory.

In addition, repeal the rule “Official Positions”.

Yes, this is ridiculously dubious, but I think I have a case.

No, I won’t feel bad if it’s termed illegal. But, let’s hash it out in the DoV comments, and then, if my win is deemed illegitimate, make one CfJ to set things straight (including closing any of the parts of this scam that do work, if there are any) rather than a whole bunch of them.



06-25-2016 18:04:43 UTC



06-25-2016 22:33:34 UTC



06-25-2016 22:37:48 UTC

against Quorum is not one.


06-25-2016 23:16:04 UTC

Note to admins: This CfJ was not open for voting for about 4 hours since its creation.


06-26-2016 00:54:46 UTC