Monday, September 22, 2008

Proposal: Move it or lose it

Times out 5-1—arth

Adminned at 24 Sep 2008 19:47:33 UTC

If the Proposal titled “More stats!  More fun!” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Create a new rule called “Moves”:

A Dragon may perform a move only while in battle and only during its turn. When the Dragon performs a move, the turn ends unless the attack specifies it otherwise. Each of the sub-rules to this rule defines one of the valid moves that a Dragon may perform. In this sub-rules, the Dragon performing the move is the attacker, and the other Dragon in the battle is the opponent.

When a rule says that a Dragon takes damage, it means that its Heartbeat becomes reduced by an ammount equal to that damage. If a Dragon is said to avoid damage, it means the avoided damage does not reduce its Heartbeat.

Create the following as sub-rules to rule “Moves”:

Dragon Claw:

The attacker throws a swipe at its enemy with its powerful claws. Multiply the attacker’s Muscle by 2, then substract the opponent’s Scales. If the result is greater than zero, the attacker deals that much damage to the oponent.

Dragon Fang:

The attacker bites its enemy with sharp fangs, inflicting a grievious wound. Roll 3DICEX where X is the attacker’s Muscle, then substract the opponent’s Scales. If the result greater than zero, the attacker deals that much damage to the opponent. If damage dealt with this move is more than the oponent’s Muscle, the turn does not end.

Dragon Breath:

The attacker spits flames at the oponent, which not even a dragon’s hide can resist. Roll XDICE3 where X is the attackers Flame. The opponent takes that much damage. This move cannot be used on your following two turns.

Dragon Flight:

The dragon begins to fly, making it easier to avoid enemy attacks. The attacker (the one performing this move) automatically avoids the next XDICE2 damage done to it during this battle, where X is its Wings at the time they performed this move.

Dragon Dive:

Can only be performed if the attacker used Dragon Flight on its last turn. Roll 2DICEX where X is the Muscle and Wings of the attacker added together, and substract the Scales of the opponent. If the result is greater than zero, the opponent takes that much damage. If the opponent took no damage from this attack, the attacker skips its next turn.







09-22-2008 07:08:07 UTC

I never played monster rancher, but I came up with this in case you’re in the mood for some strategy.


09-22-2008 08:29:10 UTC

ya have the right idea art. though the games use % to hit as well. doubt we wanna go that far lol so for


09-22-2008 14:11:22 UTC

At first, I want to say against, because I have a competing scheme to propose with entirely aerial combat. In addition, I see a few issues such as a possible Dragon Fang stun-lock. However, since I can just remove these rules when I propose the new ones, I’ll give it a grudging imperial .


09-22-2008 17:54:26 UTC


Ambi Valent:

09-22-2008 22:37:17 UTC



09-23-2008 23:01:20 UTC

against Let’s really not put in rules that don’t work by themselves. Also, I have a feeling that turns might not be the best system in our current set-up.


09-23-2008 23:04:19 UTC

By rules that don’t work by themselves, I’m referring more to things that reference rules or systems that don’t exist yet, by the way.


09-24-2008 03:43:19 UTC

I am including turns because I favor the strategy side of things. Also, I am planning on turns having a maximum duration of 24 hours, and if you don’t respond by then, your turn ends. Pass two turns without responding and you lose by default.  Gotta keep the pace of battles quick and orderly.

Also Rodney: I tought of that myself, but I didn’t think it wise to write the full battle rules AND moves in a single proposal. Better have different parts of it approved separately.