Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Proposal: Rain again… again… again

Passes 8-0, but only 4 tiny little rodents. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 31 Jul 2009 14:33:54 UTC

Create a new rule, “I don’t like to get wet”:

Every day that rain is not forecast, and is a rainy day, increase the Atmospheric Depression by 1, but only if the terms “forecast”, “rainy day”, and “Atmospheric Depression” exist.

If the majority of the votes on this proposal contain the phrase “tiny little rodents”, rename “I don’t like to get wet” to “Groundhogs don’t like to get wet”.

Thanks Qwaz.


redtara: they/them

29-07-2009 22:56:26 UTC

EAV for tiny little rodents

Darknight: he/him

29-07-2009 22:59:28 UTC

Ummmm…. wha?


29-07-2009 23:00:30 UTC

EAV is gonna be a new term, when sb’s Proposal passes.

for tiny little rodents

Darknight: he/him

29-07-2009 23:02:13 UTC

it was more toward the proposal and not the eav part lol


29-07-2009 23:14:30 UTC

It goes with the Groundhog Day theme (which, incidentally, was just mentioned on ESPN2 at the exact second I started typing this).


30-07-2009 00:56:59 UTC



30-07-2009 01:18:11 UTC

for  tiny little rodents


30-07-2009 02:24:51 UTC

for tiny little rodents


30-07-2009 03:15:20 UTC

CoV imperial tiny little rodents

Darknight: he/him

30-07-2009 03:42:13 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

30-07-2009 10:35:36 UTC



30-07-2009 17:48:36 UTC

It’s “EVC”, not “EAV”.  This confusion is part of the reason why I proposed what I did.  As I understand it, it’s not possible for a _vote_ to contain a phrase; a vote merely consists of FOR, AGAINST, DEF or VETO, and said vote is contained in a _comment_, which comment may or may not contain other content.

redtara: they/them

30-07-2009 19:31:35 UTC

Explicit Author Vote has been used previously by other members on this site.

Technically, I don’t even think the term “Vote” applies to anything specific. The action “to vote” is defined, but not the noun.