Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Occurance

Jason Smith was eating in BuckyStar Café, as he does once or twice a week. Just as he sat down to eat, a black van, which he suspected was following him, parked itself right in front the café. Through the tinted glass, he thought he could make out a couple of fairly buff men staring at him. As he was leaving, he spoke with an employee, asking if there was another exit. Puzzled, the employee said yes, and described the alley, as well as the location of the exit. Just as the confused worker was about to tell him that the kitchen was for employees only, Jason Smith made a sudden break for it. The Shade operatives in the van got out of their van and made a dash to the alley. Jason, ignoring the two people already in the alley, hurled himself into a conveniently empty trashcan. He heard some conversation, some grumbling, and some foot steps leaving. The trash can lid is lifted. Someone says that it’s okay, they’re gone now and helps Jason out of the metal cylinder. He thanks them and asks them who they are and why they helped him, to which they give vague responses. Jason decides to ask no more questions and leaves the alley without further incident. He makes a mental note to take a shower as soon as possible and to be careful around BuckyStar Café. Someone could have possibly tipped Shade off about his location.

Armayus and Ovangle get +1 relationship for being at The Alley
Bucky, Darknight, SingularByte and Jockawo got -1 relationship for being at BuckyStar Café



22-11-2008 16:40:53 UTC

You forgot to give them all a PP.  Also, I went ahead and added it to the plot summary page, but I will have to wait about 8 hours before I can give you a PP for it since it wasn’t an official plot seed.


22-11-2008 17:54:36 UTC

Yoda, what do you think to a clarification of the plot seeding rules so that a Character doesn’t have to have wiki editing privileges in order to receive PPs for seeding the plot (i assume that’s what you meant by it not being an official seed…)?


22-11-2008 18:50:33 UTC

Well, that and this is technically the post for his weeekly random occurrence, not his plot seed.


22-11-2008 19:12:14 UTC

I thought he was being clever and working his random occurrence into his plot seed, the story telling minx :)

Darknight: he/him

22-11-2008 21:56:10 UTC

slick ain’t he lol


24-11-2008 05:56:52 UTC

Actually, that is kinda the way I intended.