Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Proposal: Rare Drops

Passes 5-0. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 15 May 2014 05:25:57 UTC

Append the following to the rule named “Equipment”:

Some Items are Unique, signified by adding “(Unique)” after their name instead of a Cost. Unique Items have no Cost and may not be Purchased or Sold. Only one instance of each Unique Item may exist. Unique Items may be possessed by Beasts as well as Knights; if a Unique Item is held by a Beast, its status is tracked in the rule corresponding to that Beast.

Add a subrule to “Equipment” named “Runehammer (Unique)”:

The Runehammer is a one-handed Heavy Blunt Weapon.

Add to the rule named “Dragon”:

The Dragon currently holds the Runehammer.

Add a subrule to “Equipment”, named “Standard (Unique)”:

The Standard of Nomicshire is a symbol of the Baron’s authority over the land. The Standard is one-handed. Honour dictates that the Standard may never be held in a Knight’s Inventory, but must be proudly Wielded by a Knight who holds possession of it (if a Knight gains possession of the Standard but is unable to Wield it, a random Item is moved from their list of Wielded Items to their Inventory to make room for the Standard).

Add the Standard to the Baron’s list of Wielded Items.

Add a subrule to “Beasts” named “Gryphon”:

The Gryphon’s Motivation is to hold four or more Unique Items.

The Gryphon’s Behaviour is to select a random Knight who possesses at least one Unique Item and, if that Knight is not Wielding a Ranged Weapon and/or a Shield, moving a random Unique Item from that Knight’s possession to the Gryphon. If no Unique Items are possessed by Knights, the Gryphon’s Behaviour has no effect.

If the proposal titled “A Wild Proposal Appeared!” passed, add to “Gryphon”:

The Gryphon’s Fortitude is 20.

We’ll need to figure out a way for Knights to steal Unique Items from Beasts, perhaps based on the mechanic in Kevan’s proposal.

The fact that the Standard can easily be stolen by the Gryphon is by design, and will give us a reason to fight it (even though it doesn’t do anything yet).


RaichuKFM: she/her

13-05-2014 12:45:59 UTC



13-05-2014 13:18:53 UTC

“The Gryphon’s Motivation” should read “The Gryphon’s Motive.” The squire responsible for transcribing this proposal will be flogged.


13-05-2014 14:09:41 UTC



13-05-2014 23:05:10 UTC


Kevan: he/him

14-05-2014 08:40:20 UTC