Wednesday, November 25, 2009

raymond mill

Yep, this one was spam too.

I’ve deleted the user who made these posts, but we really need to sort out the captcha thing—Excalabur



11-25-2009 08:39:06 UTC

Before we get too concerned - this wasn’t just a mischievous player’s idea of a joke, or a test, or fodder for a potential scam, was it? The content was oddly close to the wiki spam we had a year or two ago, and the chances of a Chinese mining-equipment spammer targetting a domain rather than a content platform seems a little remote (unless “blognomic” is a mining term in phonetic Chinese, or we’ve somehow ended up on a list of mining sites in a web directory somewhere).


11-25-2009 08:50:34 UTC

First two posts by the user account.  Registered the 25th. 

There was no harm in deleting it and em, certainly.


11-25-2009 09:06:17 UTC

Sure, no problem in deleting it, the content just struck me as an odd coincidence, particularly when most of the spam accounts that were signing up previously were - I think - sport related, rather than Chinese miners.

Given that this is our first ever blog-post spam, it’d be good to know whether we’re entering a new and depressing age of front page spam, or if it was just a player continuing the Chinese-miner running joke. If someone was setting up a scam, and revealing the fact it wasn’t a real spammer won’t harm that, feel free to comment anonymously.


11-25-2009 09:57:47 UTC

MAN!! I always miss the good moments. Why can’t spammers attack when I’m around. All kidding aside, that’s prob the oddest spam I’ve heard about


11-25-2009 15:10:37 UTC

There were definitely a significant number of mining wiki-spam pages, I remember hitting Random a bunch of times and coming up with a lot of them. Mind you, there are just a lot of Chinese spam-pages in general….


11-25-2009 17:49:03 UTC

(Warning: TV Tropes links below!)

Personally, I speculate that the so-called “Chinese spammers” are actually Chinese-speaking aliens using spam to conquer Albania.


11-25-2009 20:07:40 UTC

I have noticed that the majority of spamers I have deleted in the last month or so have had been from emails with “fitness” in their name, have full, real-person like names, and often link IN THEIR PROFILES to things not like mining equipment, but instead like tax help, lawyer pages, and traffic court sites. Thee was also one for “watch free movies online.” See yhis post for other similarities first noted when I found the captcha problem.


11-25-2009 20:14:49 UTC

Here is a great example of one of the spammers that I have not deleted, in order that it can be used t demonstrate my points. Note the spam for student loans in her profile, and that her email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Note the simmons last name and the word fitness in her email. Unfortunantly, it is also, so we cannot simply ban the email address.

Side note: Gold prices is a simimlar motif in their spam links.


11-25-2009 20:17:13 UTC

Final side note: arrow yours, spammers! XD.