Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proposal: Re-doing it

Self-killed -Darth

Adminned at 31 Jan 2010 21:34:07 UTC

Add a new rule, entitled ‘Late arrivals’, containing the text:

As a weekly action, any Guest who is Dead or Arrested may make a blog post announcing that they are playing a late arrival. They must then set all their statistics in the GNDT to those of a new Guest. Their former Role is no longer considered to be taken by a Guest per Rule 2.7, if the Guest was a Murderer or a Detective then they are no longer a Murderer or Detective for the purposes of the ruleset, and they are treated for all purposes of any Dynastic Rules as if they just unidled, with the following exceptions:

  • The rule ‘Silence’ applies to them with regard to any information learned before they made their Late Arrival post.
  • If they were Dead before they announced that they were playing a Late Arrival, then the Spiritualist’s ability applies to them as to any other Dead Guest. The above restriction does not apply to this ability.

Replace the text ‘If the Spiritualist is in a room with a dead Guest and the lights are out, the Spiritualist may, once every 96 hours, notify the Executor that the Spiritualist is conducting a seance’ with ‘The Spiritualist may, at most once every 96 hours, notify the Executor that they are conducting a seance and give the name of a dead Guest’.

Problems fixed. I change the text in the list of role abilities because a) if dead people are coming back to life, then it’s tough tracking their location, and b) it’s not really in-theme to have the Spiritualist only able to talk to the dead unless they’re in the same room with their corpse. Also added a qualification to prevent the Spiritualist from being able to supernaturally talk to Arrested people.



31-01-2010 01:27:04 UTC


redtara: they/them

31-01-2010 02:00:08 UTC


Darknight: he/him

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Kevan: he/him

31-01-2010 12:01:28 UTC

against This seems to completely trivialise elimination; unless you know for sure that your degree of relation is less than 500, you may as well throw caution to the wind (or even kill yourself off) when things start to turn against you, because you know you can just come back straight away, without losing any invested effort. The only resource you accumulate over time in this game is information, and that all stays in your out-of-game brain (you can’t share it after coming back, but you can still use it to inform your own decisions).

If death is trivial, murdering becomes much less meaningful, and I’d guess it would be reduced to a last-resort - as a murderer, there’s no point killing someone every day, because they can just come straight back, and you’d just be setting up clues which would let players take away your “murder people” ability. It makes more sense as a secret card to keep close to your chest until killing one person would make a big difference during endgame. Which doesn’t seem like much of a murder mystery dynasty.

I think it just needs a strong penalty to degree of relation for returning guests - you can still play, and still influence the game, you just take a big dent to your chances of winning personally.


31-01-2010 12:01:35 UTC


Kevan: he/him

31-01-2010 12:11:36 UTC

Actually, my mistake - a guest’s degree of relation remains unchanged when they return as a late arrival (this rule only resets “statistics in the GNDT”), so that at least removes the incentive to kill yourself if you have a high degree. But if every player can wake back up with the same degree of relation, after being killed, that seems to remove a lot of long-term strategy. Whoever has the lowest degree right now will probably win the game; if they die towards the end of the game, they just have to stroll back in as a late arrival a few hours before the will is read.


31-01-2010 12:50:52 UTC

Since they can use the information gained before dying at their own advantage, I propose to give a small penalty for playing a Late Arrival (eg, having their Bloodline chosen randomly between 500-1000 instead of 1-1000).
For now, in Executor I trust imperial


31-01-2010 12:53:30 UTC

Good point, Kevan!
I didn’t notice the part regarding GNDT statistics reset.
In this way, imho a Murder lost all of his meaning.

redtara: they/them

31-01-2010 14:17:26 UTC

CoV against in favour of my slightly modified version.


31-01-2010 17:03:45 UTC

against per Ienpw III


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against S/k to clear it.