Sunday, August 06, 2017

Proposal: Re-organization

Reaches quorum, 7-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 07 Aug 2017 21:37:39 UTC

Reorganize “Command Actions” into the following subsections:

Titled “Actions”:

As a daily action, a CIC may take a Command action by communicating privately to the UNSG which Command action they take.

Titled “Missiles”:

Each CIC, except for the UNSG, is either targeting missiles at, or not targeting missiles at, each other CIC. The CICs at which a CIC is targeting missiles may be referred to as that CIC’s “targets”, defaulting to none, and is tracked privately by the UNSG.

As a Command action, a CIC may target another CIC that they are not currently targeting as long as the new number of targeted CICs does not exceed the amount of Missile resources.

As a Command action, a CIC may cease targeting a CIC that they are currently targeting.

Titled “Politicians”:

Each CIC has a number of politicians that are either agitating, smoothing, or squabbling. If the total of agitating, smoothing, and squabbling politicians exceeds the amount of politician resources of a CIC, the politicians from that CIC have no effect on the tick phase.

As a Command action a CIC may assign or unassign (but not both) any number of his politicians to or from one of agitating, smoothing, or squabbling.

Titled “Techs”:

As a Command action a CIC may assign or unassign (but not both) any number of his techs to or from supporting one other resource. The indicated resource is considered to equal to its base number plus the assigned techs for as long as the techs are assigned to it.

As a Command actions a CIC may assign or unassign up to two techs to the space race.

This shouldn’t change any text, just move it into sections.



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