Monday, November 19, 2007

Proposal: Ready To Ragnarök

Reached Quorum 10-2 - Enacted by Chivalrybean

Adminned at 19 Nov 2007 23:30:27 UTC

Enact a new Rule, “The Final Battle”:-

As a Daily Action, the Allfather may announce that a Skirmish has taken place as part of the Final Battle.

A Skirmish is announced by first rolling DICEX in the GNDT, where “X” is the number of numerical Einherjar Statistics, and where the roll has a comment of “Skirmish Check”. The number rolled shall be used to determine which of the numerical Einherjar Statistics is relevant to the Skirmish, by counting down from the top of the list in the “Statistics” rule - this Statistic is the “Challenged” Statistic.

Each Valkyrie who has recruited one or more Einherjar shall then have their Skirmish Ratings calculated - this is the total of the Challenged Statistics for each of that Valkyrie’s Einherjar.

The single Valkyrie with the highest Skirmish Rating (if one exists) is triumphant, and receives 10 Acorns. The single Einherjar with the lowest value for the Challenged Statistic (if one exists) has fallen, and is removed from the Einherjar page.

After having calculated these results and made the changes required, the Allfather should post a blog entry summarising them, and also describing the opponent that the Einherjar faced.



11-19-2007 14:41:19 UTC



11-19-2007 14:41:47 UTC

if loki passes, that should probably factor in somehow. but we can deal with that later


11-19-2007 14:43:00 UTC


If loki wins, everyone loses :)


11-19-2007 14:43:14 UTC


errr meant to do def… :p


11-19-2007 14:49:12 UTC

for Perhaps we could include some sort of ramping-up mechanic, where the battles get bigger and bigger until a gigantic, Dynasty ending battle. Then we would have an eventual but not triggered end to the Dynasty, which is good.

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-19-2007 14:50:34 UTC

Loki isn’t a Valkyrie, so can’t be selected as the winner. His Einherjar can still lose, though.


11-19-2007 14:54:56 UTC

...hrm…I dunno if I like the wording now.  I think the valkyrie who had the lowest of the battle values should lose 1 enheirjar (either lowest value, or randomly) otherwise doens’t make as much sense.


11-19-2007 15:29:34 UTC



11-19-2007 16:13:20 UTC

Let’s wait until some Einherjar are in people’s portfolios before we come up with the combat mechanics.

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-19-2007 16:57:39 UTC

Isn’t it better to know why we’re bidding on things? The Allfather can hold off for as long as he wants before calling an actual skirmish.


11-19-2007 18:12:25 UTC

for I kind of like it how the Valk with the highest total wins, but the individual Einherjar with the lowest score (which might even belong to the winning Valk) loses.

Plus, it’s good to have a reference in the Ruleset to some specific number of Acorns (10, in this case), to give everyone some context for how valuable Acorns are.

Waiting before calling the first skirmish is a good suggestion; early Einherjar acquisition is likely to be rather random, and heavily influenced by luck.  I imagine that some individuals will estimate Einherjar’s worth to be less than others do, and will thus be unwilling to shell out many Acorns for them.  As a result, they probably won’t be able to assemble their team until most of the other Valks get low on Acorns.  I may call for a few skirmishes fairly early on, to reward those who take a risk by securing some Einherjar early on in the game, but it won’t be anywhere near as frequently as once per day.


11-19-2007 18:49:08 UTC

against I agree with Amnistar. If the lowest stat Enheirjar dies, then why would anyone ever bid on Enheirjars who have the lowest values in a stat? It makes much more sense for the Valk with the lowest overall total to lose their lowest statted Enheirjar.


11-19-2007 19:00:06 UTC

well, it can always be changed :)


11-19-2007 19:11:10 UTC

I would think perhaps a Enheirjar who would be Removed by these rules should perhaps have to rest for a certian time, with the possibillity of early revival by spending acorns.


11-19-2007 21:21:33 UTC

Actually, I’m gonna propose that the loser gets sent to Loki

Josh: HE/HIM

11-19-2007 21:22:47 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

11-19-2007 23:22:21 UTC

BobTHJ: There’s only a 1-in-8 chance that the next battle will involve that weakest stat, which gives plenty of time to propose a new Einherjar with a lower (or equal) stat.

And even without that, it gives some interesting risk, that you might be able to pick up a powerful but flawed Einherjar on the cheap, if you’re willing to take the chance on which trait will be tested first.


11-19-2007 23:37:28 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

11-20-2007 01:08:38 UTC


Oracular rufio:

11-20-2007 05:47:53 UTC


Oracular rufio:

11-20-2007 05:48:54 UTC

Wait, though, this means that Einherjar who haven’t been assigned to Valkyries or to Loki can lose before anyone gets to own them.  Maybe we should fix that?