Friday, July 20, 2012

Story Post: Recommendation: moonroof

Open for 24 hours, passes 7-0.—Quirck

Adminned at 21 Jul 2012 15:13:52 UTC

Moonroof unshrouded stuff which helps us get closer to achieving out goal. Cause stuff and stuff. Have fun trying to stop Moonroof, Quirck and I from upping all of our reputations =)

The fun part will be which one of us eventually gets backstabbed by the other two… but first lets get us all overhead cranes!!!


quirck: he/him

20-07-2012 19:14:49 UTC

for go, go, go :)


20-07-2012 19:48:40 UTC

for Here we go!

Clucky: he/him

20-07-2012 20:50:17 UTC

Remember you guys get two per week, but only one per 24 hours. So moonroof you should get your first up ASAP so you have time to post a second one before the week ends =)

Josh: he/they

21-07-2012 07:39:03 UTC

for This is a long scam.