Monday, October 25, 2010

Proposal: Red Herrings

Passes 7-0. —Brendan

Adminned at 25 Oct 2010 12:34:26 UTC

To Rule 2.8 (Surveillance Report), add:-

If a submitted Surveillance Report includes the Codename of an Impostor in its list of Codenames, the Agent who submitted it is Decommissioned, with D-Ops posting a blog entry to this effect. A Decommissioned Agent may not submit any further Surveillance Reports.

After “that Agent has achieved victory.” add:-

If D-Ops receives a Surveillance Report which is not valid, he must respond to the Agent who submitted it, telling them this.

In Rule 2.8 (Surveillance Report), replace “Surveillance” with “Final” and “valid” with “confirmed”.

Proposing a way for a surveillance report to be sabotaged with misinformation, to avoid a flatly underwhelming “enthusiastic player recruits two or three bored players on IRC, mines them for information, wins” endgame. If someone slips you the codename of an Impostor, and you wrongly take it at face value, then you’re out of the running. It’ll become less of an issue as Impostors are identified and assassinated, but it’s a way for a devious Agent to betray another.

(Other changes: allowing me to tell an Agent when they get a Surveillance Report wrong, and some minor keyword shuffling now that “Surveillance” is being mentioned elsewhere.)


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for Expands on the Clue-like nature of this game. I like it.

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