Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proposal: Reincarnation

reached a quorum, final vote 2-1-9—Yoda

Adminned at 22 Oct 2008 15:43:35 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule titled Reincarnation, with the following text:

If a Clansman has been Dead for over 72 hours, they may go back to Normal health, and halve all their stats.  This is called Reincarnation.

Change the last sentence of the dynastic rule Health to:

Dead Clansmen may not take any action defined by a Dynastic Rule, with the exception of Reincarnation.



10-22-2008 00:50:45 UTC

I remember way back in 2003, on the old (since gone) blog even, we had the First Dynasty of Angry Grasshopper, which may have been our most active Dynasty ever. Quorum was even 13 at one point. It was also an otherwise awesome Dynasty for multiple reasons, and one of them was permadeth.

We had a rule just like the current Health rule, except we only had three states instead of seven. And death was it. The end. There was a failed proposal to give dead players something to do (it failed because of balance reasons, it would have given ghosts arbitrary control over the ruleset) and I can’t quite remember, but there may or may not have been a machine in Sick Bay that had the possibility of raising the dead. In any case, if you died, that was more or less the end of your normal interaction with still-alive players, and most certainly the end of any chance at victory.

And you know what? The Dynasty was even better because of it! Players were actually /afraid/ of horrible monsters in the depth of the ship. The whole Dynasty was a lot more real and immersing just because everyone knew if they died, that was it.

The Werewolf Dynasty had this too. You got killed by someone, the only things you could do were to ‘talk’ during a seance or (because of a loophole) make guns. And it was extremely successful too.

So if we have death, it should be Death. You get killed in a duel, you stay dead. If we must have resurrection, it should be something very difficult that the other players need to attempt for you, not just a stat loss and some inconvenience. Or, better yet, have something else for the dead to do: “By the spilled blood of my fallen ancestors, I summon said fallen ancestors to spill the blood of YOU!” Less cornily, have an afterlife underworld place where the dead can beat each other up, possibly for the right to return to the world. There are far more interesting things to do about death than this.



10-22-2008 03:20:50 UTC

... against


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10-22-2008 04:38:49 UTC

Rodney:Recall that during the Second Dynasty of Rodney we had the Lost List, which was the same concept.  Except that all it did was make everyone avoid actions that had the slightest chance of killing them.


10-22-2008 05:04:26 UTC

against My first thought when Death became a possibility was that somebody else would need to perform some pretty disHonorable deeds to bring back a fallen Clansman.


10-22-2008 09:25:56 UTC

against As Rodney; I can’t think of a Dynasty where a death mechanic has been a problem. If a dynasty went on for too long, it might get frustrating, but if we rack up enough dead, bored players, they’ll be pushing proposals through to speed the game up (or kill everyone).


10-22-2008 12:10:20 UTC

against I like the idea of permadeath (In the game, of course).


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Hello Sailor:

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for Reverse Herd Mentality FTW!


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