Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Proposal: Reinventing oneself

Passed, 3-1, timed out.—smith

Adminned at 11 Nov 2005 07:46:19 UTC

This proposal would encourage switching Incarnations as a way to add/remove powers.

In the Powers rule, change:-

Incarnations start with no Powers, but a Deity may create a new Power for eir current Incarnation by spending 1 Quintessence and constructing a new Power from a combination of the components listed below, and giving it a name of eir choice.


Incarnations start with no Powers, but at certain times Deities may create or remove a Power of eir current Incarnation. If an Incarnation has fewer than 5 Powers, its controlling Deity may create a Power for it by spending 1 Quintessence. Immediately after switching Incarnations, a Deity may add and/or remove a Power of the Incarnation ey have switched to for free, but this may only be done once per switch. The new Power is named by its creator and must be made from a combination of the components listed below.

Add to the Incarnation rule:-

No Deity may switch eir Incarnation more than often.

Modified (while there are no comments): I eliminated the cost for adding/removing a power when switching incarnations - this is expensive enough.



09-11-2005 10:42:06 UTC

against 5 is way too few (I feel more confortable with the 12 limit of the other proposal). Besides, you voted against Curb Eclipse on basis of propsing a better way to get rid of unnused powers. This one is no better.


09-11-2005 15:48:30 UTC

I was thinking we would do without Eclipse. The only way to add more than 5 powers is to switch incarnations. The 12 power limit still holds, so at that point the only way to add a power is to remove an existing one.  I thought this makes things a little more interesting to motivate deities to switch incarnations. Otherwise there is little reason to leave an incarnation you have put a lot of resources into.


09-11-2005 16:08:42 UTC

I don’t want to leave my incarnation. If you can come with a motivation to switch that doesn’t desmotivate staying with the same, I’d vote for it.

Kevan: City he/him

09-11-2005 21:35:56 UTC

for Five is plenty.


10-11-2005 20:50:28 UTC