Friday, July 14, 2017

Proposal: Relief

Odd, I thought pokes would’ve failed this since they’re an admin.
Self-killed. Failed by card.

Adminned at 15 Jul 2017 05:08:57 UTC

Add under “Pact Magic”:

While a Pactmaker is undergoing Extreme Seizures for having broken a Promise, they may remove that Promise.

In case someone makes a promise they can never keep. Seizing once for it is enough punishment.



07-14-2017 13:07:25 UTC

Extreme Scissors preventing you from doing Dynamic Actions is pretty scary.


07-14-2017 14:17:23 UTC

(I know its kind of cheeky lol and likely shouldn’t have said that, sorry, but oh well. I don’t mind the punishing, it’s just the bureaucracy I dislike.)


07-14-2017 14:20:59 UTC

imperial  I’m generally for this but would like to see some kind of disincentive for cracking a promise to avoid bad or flimsy promises. Maybe something like “Cracking a Promise releases pent up magical energies and adds 1 mana to all other Pactmakers” or perhaps a boosted reward to those that have scorned a Promise which gets cracked?


07-14-2017 14:39:13 UTC

Being out of the game for 4 days strongly disincentivizes breaking a promise enough for me.


07-14-2017 14:45:33 UTC



07-14-2017 15:53:05 UTC



07-14-2017 16:20:29 UTC

against Per Cuddlebeam’s comment on the potential formal functionality of this proposal - if a player is having Seizures, they can’t take dynastic actions, so they can’t take this action to remove the Promise.


07-14-2017 16:29:14 UTC

I considered that but thought that, cf Prioritisation, this more restrictive condition (seizures due to promise N) overrides the less restrictive one (seizures).


07-14-2017 16:48:26 UTC

Ah, perhaps.

It’s problem that it guts Scorn payouts: if the Seizured player acts before the Scorner(s) who have won their bets, they don’t get paid. Erasing a Promise should at least pay out anyone who was Scorning it.


07-14-2017 16:56:40 UTC

Probably should, shouldn’t it. As long as this is in the front of the queue I may as well against to unclog and resubmit.