Friday, May 12, 2006

Proposal: Renaissance Men

Timed out 4-2. Passed by Angry Grasshopper, who resolves not to make long proposals so late in the evening.

Adminned at 13 May 2006 21:08:48 UTC

Create a Rule titled ‘Skills’:

A Monk may have Proficiency in a Skill. All Skills are listed as clauses within this Rule.

Botany: Any Monk who has Proficiency in this Skill whose location is represented by an ‘h’ on the Map may decrease eir Moves by eight, if eir Moves are greater than eight. The ‘h’ then becomes a ‘.’ on the Map. After doing so, e shall make a DICE20 check in the GNDT, and gains an Item according to the following table:

DICE20 Item
1Fairy Grass
2No Item gained
3Curaria Mancox
4Nightshade berries
5White Oak bark
6Nettle leaf
8No Item gained
10Nettle leaf
11White Oak Bark
12Fairy Grass
16Curaria Mancox
17Nettle leaf
19No Item gained
20Mandrake root

The Herbalist has Proficiency in Herbalism.


Add the following clause to the ‘Reagents’ Rule:

Some Items have a Use. A Monk may Use an Item that e has by giving some notice on the front page as long as e satisfies its conditions for use. A Perishable Item is deleted from the GNDT immediately after it is Used.


Create the following Items under a subclause “Gardening”:

Ginseng. A Perishable Herb. A Monk who Uses Ginseng may increase eir Temporary Fitness by seven points. If this Use causes Temporary Fitness to be greater than Fitness, set the Temporary Fitness equal to Fitness instead.

Curaria Mancox. A Perishable Herb. A Monk who Uses Curaria Mancox and is Sick ceases to be Sick.

White Oak Bark. A Perishable Herb. A Monk who has uses White Oak Bark and whose Fitness is less than or equal to three may set eir fitness to 10.

Garlic. A Perishable Herb. A Monk may often Use Garlic to increase eir Fitness by one.

Fairy Grass. A Perishable Herb.

Mandrake root. A Perishable Herb.

Nightshade berries. A Perishable Herb.

Bloodmoss. A Perishable Herb. A Monk who has Bloodmoss may use it to increase eir Moves by fifteen.

Nettle leaf. A Perishable Herb.


Create the following Item under a subclause “Books”:

Manual of Botany. As long as a Monk has a Manual of Botany, e is Proficient in Botany.

If Elias IX would like to propose… some additional pea-pods of different phenotypes, he is more than welcome to. ;)



12-05-2006 10:55:52 UTC

Isn’t it impossible to be on an “h” as it’s not empty?


12-05-2006 11:42:49 UTC

Well, I hate to do this when you’ve gone to the trouble of writing such a long proposal, but… against


12-05-2006 16:09:00 UTC

for Lex10’s right, but that issue can be fixed.


12-05-2006 19:13:18 UTC

for “The Herbalist has proficiency in Herbalism” may also need to be fixed.  I wonder what the item “No item gained” does?!

Elias IX:

13-05-2006 19:40:10 UTC

imperial So how about that veto icon?


14-05-2006 01:55:36 UTC

against lest we should lose our bushes.