Monday, May 15, 2006

Proposal: Repropose

Timed out 4-1 passed.  Adminned by Bucky.

Adminned at 17 May 2006 13:45:59 UTC

This version is exactly the same as the last version, Story Posts Unlimited.  I’m reproposing this in hopes that this time more Monks will notice it.

Reword the rule entitled “The Story” to:

A Story Post is a post to the Blog with a title containing “Story Post:” followed by a unique description string. The post itsself should describe an event or series of events within the Monastery. When possible, these events should be consistant with the GNDT state at some past or present time.  The Story Post may also specify some changes to any part(s) of the Gamestate besides the Ruleset.  In addition, a Story Post by the Abbot may specify changes to the rule entitled “Movement”, if such a rule exists.

If the Abbot approves of a Story Post, e should respond to the Story Post with a comment containing a for within 48 hours.  E then update the Gamestate to reflect what happened in the Story Post.  Story Posts by the Abbot do not require approval.

Any Monk may make a Story Post once per forty-eight hours.  The Abbot can make a Story Post whenever e wants.



15-05-2006 18:05:36 UTC



15-05-2006 23:30:40 UTC



16-05-2006 00:25:23 UTC

Rodney!  I was just about to idle you.


16-05-2006 02:51:50 UTC

for Seems like it’d be a way to get fresh story ideas without the abbot losing control.


16-05-2006 03:04:10 UTC

Well, Re-read rules and such, and I do not retract my vote…Thanks Bucky

Angry Grasshopper:

17-05-2006 02:31:51 UTC

Hix, what don’t you like? for


17-05-2006 20:40:25 UTC

eh, it failed once already, didn’t it?