Thursday, November 07, 2019

Request for Comment: Site upgrades

Hi, everyone! For those of you who may not know me, I’m the server guy. (I was once a player, but my ADHD made me ill-suited at it.)

Today I discovered the year-old news that ExpressionEngine is now free. I’m thinking of trying to upgrade us to the latest version this weekend (for security reasons if nothing else), if a test run on my local machine doesn’t break everything or look like too big a change. It would also be a good time for me to spruce up / fix a few things in the templates.

So, I have questions for you all:

  1. Is this weekend a particularly bad moment for a bit maintenance downtime? Are there better or worse times within the weekend? Or, is it a particularly good moment, or just neutral?

  2. If I get around to those template changes, how does everyone feel about declaring Internet Explorer 11 obsolete and unsupported? Or even Microsoft Edge altogether? Would this require a vote for any reason?

  3. I started looking at this because Kevan noticed that non-existent pages aren’t showing the 404 page. Are there any other glitches or pain points people would like me to try to address while I’m messing around with things?



11-08-2019 00:55:48 UTC

we might want to do a timezone poll for point #1. I’m in UTC-7 and i’m usually occupied (not using blognomic) from 2-UTC to 12-UTC on both weekend days. There’s nothing too major planned this weekend, just the start of gameplay, which is important I suppose but it’s not delaying a dynasty ending, starting or really something that could be reasonably scammed.

2. i use firefox on any device for accessing the internet. although usually an older fork. some websites have applications that only work with the most updated browsers, refuse to serve non-major browsers or break when not using google chrome. i don’t think not supporting those old browsers is a problem, although you shouldn’t stop users who do from trying to use them for blognomic anyway.

3. RSS is broken for some reason. i’ve tried fixing it, Kevan has and i think pokes has as well.
when using the blognomic entry, it’s not possible to opt out of the default keyboard shortcuts. while some of them like ctrl+q are very useful, it overrides regular ctrl+a functionality.
when one makes a new post, the timestamp it has is the time the person had opened the “new post” page. Kevan has tried to correct it to the time that they pressed the “submit” button, which would be more useful, but couldn’t for some reason. this was at least 6 months ago so i don’t remember what the reason was. i think i had tried correcting it also but didn’t have permissions.
Also some of the permissions that the Admins have currently should be restricted. I mean do you really want anyone who wins a “Make me an Admin” proposal to be able to either
delete the blognomic channel
or see people’s IP addresses when they log in?


11-08-2019 00:56:43 UTC

sigh, let me figure out how to edit a comment, those images are way too big. I’ll just link them instead of embed them.


11-08-2019 01:04:44 UTC

looks like regular admins can’t edit comments. if either you or Kevan would do that, I’d be glad. thanks.

75th Trombone:

11-08-2019 02:49:29 UTC

I set all images to have a maximum width of 100%, something that didn’t occur to me when I first set this up in like 2004


11-08-2019 04:53:54 UTC

Np for this weekend. I think we can get through it just fine. (We can be considerate to anyone inconvenienced in the game; things haven’t ramped up to a hyper-competitive state just yet.)

I use Chrome, or newer Firefox versions.


11-08-2019 06:36:30 UTC

It’s all cool with me.

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-08-2019 08:15:57 UTC

Well, if we did conduct a timezone poll it wouldn’t be bad… (I’m in UTC+2) There are tools such as this that we could use to plan for some maintenance time:

We have players in North American and European/African time zones; I just don’t know if there are any in, say, Australia, which would complicate things a bit.

Still, this seems as good a time as any to do it. And I’ll be gone all Sunday morning, anyway.

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-08-2019 09:06:42 UTC

Any time is fine for me. I don’t think it’ll impact the game mechanically - we could informally agree not to perform any timeouts on Vanguards or Monsters, or we could put a quick CfJ through to say that this weekend’s hours aren’t counted for timing issues.

Not sure what the numbers are on IE11 users - even if no active players care, it’d be bad to shut out potential new players. But if unsupporting it just results in an ugly but still readable blog for that browser, I wouldn’t mind. lists a few quirks that it’d be good to sort out if possible. Card mentions the post timing, and there’s the related issue that “quick save” occasionally trips up new users who (rightly) expect it to save a draft they can edit later, rather than quickly publishing it to the blog.

(On the subject of admins being able to delete the blog, we should probably have a sweep of long-inactive admins at some point. There are at least some who are only there from a “make all players admins” proposal many dynasties ago.)

Brendan: HE/HIM

11-08-2019 15:44:01 UTC

For whatever it’s worth, the RSS feed of entries works fine for me, though I haven’t tried the comments feed. But as someone who is professionally angry at IE 11 on a regular basis, I am in favor of kicking it off the lifeboat.