Monday, May 05, 2008

Request for Comments: Speed up?

I want to propose something to make this Dynasty speed up, but wouldn’t want to try it out before knowing if others feel the same. If someone else wishes to beat me to it and propose something akin before I do, feel free. Things I think could help make the dynasty more dynamic:

+ Moving shouldn’t be a weekly action. Perhaps twice a week? Three times per week?
+ FFM should be worth more, perhaps 5 FFM = 1 FPT? Maybe not change is needed if the first point is fixed.
+ Adding parts to the Doomsday device faster.
+ Reworking the entire Weapon system to make Weapons simple but relevant to gameplay.

What do you think? What are our options?



05-05-2008 21:30:39 UTC

I was thinking about making moving a daily action or once every 48 hours or something, but that would devalue FPTs.  Maybe a combination of making FFMs worth more towards FPTs and making moving more frequent would balance each other out.


05-05-2008 23:21:44 UTC

In future Evil Operations, damage dealt to enemies should be based more on which weapons henchmen are wielding.

A standardization of the arsenal is certainly in order.

arthexis: he/him

06-05-2008 20:40:06 UTC

I think jay could retry the speed up attempt without the errors that where pointed out. I’ll work on the weapons, then…