Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Proposal: Research Clipboard

Reaches quorum, 5-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 14 Dec 2017 11:47:56 UTC

In “Abilities”, replace “If they have not done so yet, a Failed Experiment can choose two abilities from the list below. Each ability has an associated Suspicion cost. When a Failed Experiment possesses an ability, their Suspicion level is increased by the associated Suspicion cost.” with:-

A number of Abilities have been observed during research, listed below. Each ability has a Manifest cost. A Failed Experiment with no Abilities may acquire two different Abilities by increasing their own Suspicion by the total of the Abilities’ Manifest costs, and making a blog post describing the acquisition of these Abilities. Each Failed Experiment’s Abilities are tracked on the Failed Experiments wiki page.

Replace the Greenback ability with:

Greenback (Manifest 40): Detachable, nutritious vegetable matter grows along the Experiment’s spine. As a daily action, a Failed Experiment with a Greenback may reduce the Hunger of one member of their group by 1.

If the text “Gain a new ability, they may do this even if they already have two” exists in the ruleset, replace it with:-

Gain a new Ability by increasing their Suspicion by the Ability’s Manifest cost

Clarifying where Abilities are tracked, and when their cost is applied. Also cleaning up Greenback a bit; “daily action” instead of “once a day”.



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provisional greentick


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for well


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13-12-2017 21:08:09 UTC

What we need now is a good list of abilities to really launch the game.


13-12-2017 22:28:32 UTC