Friday, June 22, 2007

Proposal: Research & Daevelopment

Reached quorum.
Adminned by Alethiophile.

Adminned at 23 Jun 2007 13:04:52 UTC

Change the second paragraph of the rule “Daemons” to read as follows:

To summon a Daemon, the Corporation simply changes their Daemon option to a given name, then pays the Daemon’s Summoning Cost in Souls.  If they already employ a Daemon at that time, they must first pay the outgoing Daemon’s Summoning Cost again.  No Corporation may summon a Daemon more than once every six hours.  As with Products and Production Rights, Daemons are covered by Naming Rights; a Corporation may only summon a Daemon whose Naming Rights they own, or whose Naming Rights are Public Knowledge.

Add the line “Naming Rights: Public Knowledge” under the “Summoning Cost” line for each extant subrule of “Daemons.”

Create a new rule called “Daemon Research,” as follows:

Today’s high-tech Corporations are constantly working to discover new and interesting denizens of the Nine Hells.  Due to the Government’s antitrust laws, of course, the public must be given a chance to obtain Naming Rights to these discoveries.

A Corporation may create Proposals with a title that includes the text “(Daemon Research)”.  These follow all the same rules as normal Proposals, but their text must comprise only a new subrule (and thus a name) for the rule called “Daemons.”

On such Proposals, in addition to voting, Corporations may post comments with the text “Bid: $xm”, where x is an amount of Cash.  A Corporation may bid more than once, and their later bids are always considered to override their earlier ones.  No Corporation may bid more than their total amount of Cash, plus the absolute value of their Credit Limit, at the time of the bid.  No Corporation may bid exactly the same amount of Cash as any other Corporation’s latest bid.

If a Daemon Research Proposal passes, its Naming Rights are awarded to its creator, along with the two Corporations with the highest standing bids in the comments; their names should be listed in the Naming Rights line of the new subrule.  The winning bidders lose the amount of Cash they bid, and the proposing Corporation gains the combined total of these two bids.  The new Daemon’s name should be added to the Daemon dropdown in the GNDT as part of the Proposal’s passage.

If a Daemon Research Proposal passes with fewer than two bids from different Corporations, then the Proposal’s creator gains no cash, its bidders (if any) do not lose their bids, and the Naming Rights are made Public Knowledge.

If the proposal “Spivak Attack” has failed, convert the pronouns and possessive adjectives to Spivak equivalents where necessary, in the rule additions above.



22-06-2007 19:09:49 UTC


Kevan: he/him

22-06-2007 19:13:44 UTC



23-06-2007 00:43:51 UTC



23-06-2007 03:00:18 UTC

for There needs to be a provision for Production and Naming Rights to be sold ex post facto.


23-06-2007 10:26:02 UTC


Brendan: he/him

23-06-2007 11:21:57 UTC

Bob, I agree—if this passes I’ll write it up (rather than putting a bunch of conditionals in now).


23-06-2007 19:54:00 UTC

for  I also think that there should be some provision for releasing the production rights or naming rights into the public domain.