Thursday, July 30, 2015

Resolving Test: Buddy System

KEV and DAR, as well as JOS and PUP, found themselves in the same Cell at the Completion Deadline of this Test.

Everyone receives 1 Cheese and 2 Learning, and now “must add 1 to their Success Rate”.


Kevan: he/him

31-07-2015 16:16:39 UTC

(Idly hijacking this thread since Dead End was vetoed and failed before I could respond to Tantusar’s comments.)

I probably didn’t explain the proposal clearly enough. The third aspect of the “Testing Times” proposal was the entire point of it: instead of players being incentivised to take daily actions at the last possible minute (the later you take it in the day, the harder it is for other players to react in time; moreso when there’s a Completion Deadline), they just get one action per Test, taking turns in a fixed order, and decide how best to use that action. (Including weighing up completing the test against running off to get more cheese - if the tests are small and rapid, it’s not too different from the current gameplay.) It’s not perfect, but BlogNomic tends to fall into situations where timing is everything and a player can get significantly ahead by living in the right timezone and setting alarms to take actions. I was just trying to move away from that before we built too much on top of it.

Josh makes a fair point about relearning behaviours, though, in comments on the Dead End post. I suppose it’s always sociologically interesting to see how different Emperors react to the power of the veto, and how that plays out among different groups.

redtara: they/them

31-07-2015 18:53:08 UTC

I’d second Josh on this. During my first dynasty I got a little heavy-handed with the veto, but I learned from that. If someone starting waving around an essay about why I shouldn’t veto proposals that had been written by one player years before, I probably wouldn’t have listened. I might even have taken that as a conscious or subconscious challenge and been MORE veto-happy.