Monday, April 06, 2015

Ascension Address: Restaurant Opening

The hectic in the kitchen is organized - more or less. Every cook is rushing for ingredients, making recipes and nervously preparing the meals for the restaurant reviewer arriving later that week. The last trainee has burned all the recipes though and restaurant reviewers change every week. Trying to impress them will be hard.

Only the old Manager knows which ingredients go well together and which don’t.

Change “Townsperson” to “Cook” and “Astrologer” to “Restaurant Manager”. No Dynasty rules are kept.

As I have achieved my victory as part of a team, I rolled a dice to decide who get’s the next dynasty. I won. :-)

Let’s impress some taste buds now.


Josh: Bookie he/they

06-04-2015 21:35:42 UTC

I didn’t realise it was a team victory! Good work, team conspiracy.


06-04-2015 21:45:32 UTC

Uhm… I did not get an email from the yahoo group about this post. What’s wrong with me? Has it been discontinued? Or is it sent manually?


07-04-2015 07:57:04 UTC

I *think* that those emails are/used to be sent out manually. However, there is an RSS feed that sends out any post in the AA category.

Kevan: he/him

07-04-2015 09:39:27 UTC

They’re sent out manually, by me, and I wasn’t online over the weekend. I’ll put one out now.

I wonder if there’s a reliable way to have an RSS feed send an email to a mailing list.