Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Story Post: Results Post 13 September

On 13 September, the BlogBot Archepelaic League returned! Opening the new season is The Killing Joke vs Hard Hat, which is a little mystifying as we all thought Hard Hat’s pilot was made into a human sacrifice at the end of the last season.

But that’s Blogbots for you! Always a twist!

The Killing Joke starts in the number 4 position, a ranged specialist with a hardened ceramic chassis and little to no melee capability worth speaking of. Hard Hat glowers at it from position 16, a capable all-rounder with a noticeable predeliction for melee carnage and a somewhat flimsy chassis, compared to the competition. There’s the blue light - they’re off!

And Hard Hat is just sitting there! The Killing Joke is cycling through a pattern of moving, attempting to melee (despite its lack of capability) and very occasionally popping off a ranged attack, but Hard Hat is laying down a hard surpressing fire of artillery, meaning that sooner or later Joke will have to cross the fire line - which he does, and immediately starts getting shredded! Joke has range to fire back but Hard Hat’s rate of fire is just greater, and even that plating can’t do enough to keep Joke safe. Hard Hat wins by TKO!


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