Friday, September 15, 2023

Story Post: Results Post 15 September

On 14th September the big match in the Achepelagic League was between Ducktank and Dark Lord. Ducktank is a crowd favourite, a ranged specialist who isn’t too shabby at melee either, while Dark Lord is a capable all-rounder with a musly chassis. Ducktank was drawn the 4 position which puts Dark Lord at 16, and then the blue light went off, Dark Lord started surging forward - briefly dipping into DuckTank’s range but then closing to melee just as quickly. DuckTank put in some great licks while Dark Lord was closing but once last year’s finalist was in melee range the mighty Duck had no response! After 21 round the judges called it - TKO! Dark Lord wins!

On 15th September the 4,817th ClingBoom Contest took place. This was a raucus match but one which was ultimately defined by the glut of buzzsaws in the arena - a scenario that clearly appeals to Buzzsaw Darth Cliche, as he sent Cheesecutter Purplebeard and Acid Yoda off in Round 3 and Laser Mideg shortly after. Buzzsaw Darth Cliche wins!


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