Saturday, July 09, 2016

Return of Cats

I propose a new rule, called “Cats”

At any time a Scribe may spend six Paper to purchase a Cat. Purchase is limited to one cat. With one cat, a Scribe must pay one paper every other day for the care of the cat. A variable that is called “Cat” tracked in the GNDT is set to one. If a Scribe has won a Raffle in the last two days, the purchase of a Cat is not allowed. Every time someone who owns a cat is to increase the “Looks” score, he/she can roll a DICE10. If the number is 3, that person can add 1 to the incoming Looks score. If the number is not three, that Scribe must keep the original values of incoming Looks. Every time a person is to increase the Stress score, a Scribe can roll a DICE12. If the number is 7, they may decrease the incoming stress by 2, ending at zero.If the number is 12, 6, or 4, they must add 1 to the incoming stress. If the number is not 12, 6, 4, or 7, the Scribe keeps the original values of incoming Stress.



09-07-2016 15:54:17 UTC

Not a proposal