Monday, October 12, 2009

Return of CFJ

What do you think about adding Call for Judgment (Member #7) to the author drop down menu once more?

If there aren’t too many objections, I will do so.

At one time, we had this entity as use for annonymous CFJ’s. I was never quite clear as to why it was deleted, but I remember that it was done so illegaly at the time. So why not add it back?

Curiously enough, not a CFJ. The irony is staggering, sir.



10-12-2009 06:01:06 UTC

It was done due to abuse, the corresponding anonymous CfJ clause being removed from the Ruleset, and no way to confirm that it was legally made by a player.


10-12-2009 06:13:16 UTC

Well, due to the latest EE upgrade, we are now able to confirm that it was, in fact, legally made by a player, and acertain that player’s identity, should it be necessery. And I don’t believe abuse should be an issue. BTW, were you the one to remove it? Simply curious.

Ienpw III:

10-12-2009 06:30:42 UTC



10-12-2009 07:23:39 UTC



10-12-2009 08:47:24 UTC

If curious admins can (legally) poke around to discover the player’s identity, that would seem to remove any benefit from the account existing. And I was never very convinced by the need for anonymous CfJs in the first place - remind me?

While you’re here, Wakukee, are you aware that you’re unidle? You don’t seem to have been playing or voting for a while, but your occasional blog comments are keeping you from timing out.

(And what’s with the overflow-auto you decided to add to the proposal list? Saving space in the sidebar is definitely useful, but it seems important to show at a glance how long the proposal queue is.)


10-12-2009 09:59:41 UTC

@Kevan: Anonymous CFJs are useful in dynasties with hidden factions (e.g. werewolves or cultists), but not much elsewhere.


10-12-2009 10:12:39 UTC

Which doesn’t work if any curious admin can check to see who made the CfJ.

I don’t know how the Cultist Dynasty did it, but if we had another Werewolf type dynasty, I’d try “Werewolves may email proposals and CfJs to the Emperor, who reposts them with a [Werewolf] tag”.


10-12-2009 10:19:55 UTC

The whole Cultist thing collapsed, in the end; it wasn’t really thought through, and people just weren’t using the relevant rules. (Doing it as an add-on to another dynasty didn’t really help…)


10-12-2009 12:12:23 UTC

I strongly disagree with the scrollbar on the pending proposals list.


10-12-2009 13:40:08 UTC

Allright, I’ll undue in when I have time. I thought it was just space saving, as the proposal list was getting out of hand. Perhaps we can make some personal buttons for visual options? I can draft it up when I have some time for players to choose the visual options they want.


10-12-2009 15:40:37 UTC

Yeah, don’t over-flow auto the proposal list.  The iPhone browser chokes on it.

Also, what happened to the links to archives by month?  I actually used that.


10-12-2009 15:51:10 UTC

I’ve now removed the overflow on the proposal list.

Ienpw III:

10-12-2009 17:13:23 UTC

The archive links are still there.